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GSPT and ACLH – Two plays to save the world from "BIG OIL" and make our members "BIG PROFITS"

Good morning members. The markets are off to a positive start and xtremepicks has two big money makers in play this morning. GSPT came out of the gates strong and is looking very impressive this morning. Last crossing the tape at $0.075 we are up close to 8% with nearly 100K shares already changing […]


GSPT & FVSTA – Two picks to get the week started off right

Good morning members. The markets are higher as we approach lunch time trade. Gold is higher and Oil is slightly lower Xtremepicks continues delivering the goods for our members. We have two huge gainers all members need to lock and load today. By Fridays closing bell these picks are going to be well past […]


GSPT & AVOE – Old and new, making xtreme profits for YOU !!!

Hello members. When it comes to finding plays in the energy sector xtremepicks is your trusted source for earth defying winners. Whether it is the traditional O&G exploration companies or the cutting edge GREEN companies, xtremepicks digs up undiscovered gems on a consistent basis. Our alert last week on AVOE went up 360% and […]


GSPT – Spread the word – This stock is going to soar.

Hello members. The latest addition to the xtremepicks stable of winners GSPT is SUPERCHARGED. This soon to be staple in the energy space is picking up steam and garnering quite a bit of attention. Anything under $0.30 a share is a real bargain on this pick.The news out after Friday’s close is a real […]


GSPT – Providing a supercharged octane boast to any portfolio

Hello members. When your hot your hot and with our newest feature play GSPT xtremepicks is SMOKIN !!!!. This pick is on a direct course to triple city and has an open road and clear skies ahead. The news release after the close on Friday is absolutely astounding. This stock is going to run […]


GSPT – Announcing some market moving news at the close

Good evening members. At the end of a very busy week the markets continued pressing forward. Both Gold and Oil ended the session on the plus side as well. GSPT had another big day of gains. The final print for the week was $0.115 that was up 15% for Friday and over 360% in […]


GSPT – Breaking into new high territory !!

Good afternoon members. As we wind down the week the markets continue their winning ways, Gold along with Oil are also positive on the day. GSPT  continues its winning ways up another 10% today. The last print is $0.11 on just over 300K shares. The momentum behind this pick is out of this world  […]


GSPT – A pioneer and expert in the field of alternative energy and global warming joins the team

Good morning members. GSPT is out with some xtremely exciting news this morning. The company has signed on Mr. Nino DeSantis, a pioneer and expert in the field of alternative energy and global warming as member and Chairman of the Company’s Advisory Board. The rally in GSPT is only going to continue from here on […]


GSPT – On track to become a true market heavyweight  GSPT – On track to become a true market heavyweight Good morning members. We’ve had one heck of a week and as much as we’d like to enjoy a little R&R we’re going to be working overtime this weekend to find you more DD on the play that is all the rage – […]