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GSPT – Changing the way power is generated

Good morning members. The futures are pointing towards a lower open for the markets today. Gold is back over $1200.00/oz and rising while Oil is in the red. After a huge rally yesterday on the Greek bailout news it looks like traders may not be as enthusiastic as first expected. Regardless of whether the […]


GSPT -This is how fortunes are made.

Good evening members. The markets ended the day with triple digit gains across the board today Gold and Oil where each up slightly. Well it appears everything is all well and good now that it has been confirmed Greece will indeed be bailed out. The market liked the news and traders went on a […]


GSPT & ACLH – Building momentum and ready to pop!!!!

Good afternoon members. The markets are on a tear this Monday afternoon. Gold is trading lower and Oil is up on the day. With a Greek bailout in the works it looks like Mr.Market is in a better mood today and traders are rushing to jump backĀ  in after last weeks nasty sell off. […]


GSPT – Up by 70% and running HARD

Good morning members. The markets are under pressure this morning as the news wires are painting a grim picture overseas and in Asia but for our members its nothing but green arrows pointing higher as our plays are in rally mode. Hitting an intraday high of $0.089 GSPT is up by 70% and running […]


GSPT and ACLH – In a scene of smoke and fire its xtremepicks to the rescue !!

Good morning members. The futures are indicating a negative open for the markets today. Gold is looking strong and Oil is trading to the minus side. GSPT is testing key support zones at these levels, not only are we expecting them to hold but a huge bounce is in play here. Governments are private […]

GSPT and ACLH – Two plays to save the world from "BIG OIL" and make our members "BIG PROFITS"

Good morning members. The markets are off to a positive start and xtremepicks has two big money makers in play this morning. GSPT came out of the gates strong and is looking very impressive this morning. Last crossing the tape at $0.075 we are up close to 8% with nearly 100K shares already changing […]


GSPT – This week is when the fun really starts

Good morning members. The futures are indicating a positive open for the markets this morning. Both gold and Oil are also indicated to open higher as well. Another asset has front and center today is GSPT . Early indications tell us the news released after Fridays close is being well received from our […]


GSPT – This pick is going to fly off the shelves Monday.

Hello members. Mondays opening bell is right around the corner. We have a big week ahead of us at and the dough just keeps on rolling in. GSPT ran hard out of the $0.03 resistance zone and this week we are looking for another enormous break out move. GSPT is up well over […]


GSPT – Stretching beyond our boarders and pulling in the big dollars.

Hello members. Companies in the GREEN industry are lining up to do business with GSPT. Soon after the closing bell rang on Friday GSPT released an enormous P.R announcing positive feedback from Companies West Group Inc. (CWG) Companies West Group Inc. corporate focus is green energy or alternative fuel sector. Established back in 1958, […]