CPLY – Solid green close, up 6.17% and super undervalued

Investors trying to pick up any shares under $0.10 on CPLY today was non-existent confirming that there’s absolutely zero dilution and very little shares available at these super undervalued price levels.

CPLY push solid green today up 6.17% to close at $0.11 as North American markets fell sharply. CPLY’s trading pattern clearly shows shares are in super tight hands. When expected key news is unleashed, CPLY will move super quick as bystanders and off-side traders will be caught chasing prices sky high.

Hedging your portfolio has been a well know strategy by traders for years, and the best way to hedge is by geography. No doubt, CPLY is tapping into a solid growth market in China, a perfect hedge against any North American fluctuations.

CPLY distribution of luxury vehicles like Maserati and Ferrari cars on an exclusive basis to the Chinese Market is definitely playing in the right market at the right time – an effective hedge for your portfolio.

U.S. Markets may still be in recovery, but key overseas markets continue to be booming with China among the top growth nations and is showing through to bottom line profits.

CPLY posting positive year over year Sales (+$200 Million) and Profit increase is definitely adding to Ferrari’s overall profits figures – the best ever as recorded in 2012.

Ferrari reported best results ever in 2012

China, including the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, remained the Italian brand’s second-largest market in its four major regional markets — the United States, Europe, Greater China and Far East.

Ferrari sold 784 units of its sports cars in the Greater China region, 4 percent more than in the previous year, with almost 500 units going to mainland consumers.

Investors definitely want to keep an eye out for our detailed price valuation this weekend showing exactly how undervalued CPLY is now, and why we expect total gains to reach 5,000%!

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China Premium Lifestyle Enterprise, Inc. (“China Premium”) (OTC Bulletin Board “CPLY”) is the major shareholder of Technorient Group, Hong Kong based holding company of Auto Italia Ltd. (AIL) and Italian Motors (Sales & Service) Ltd. (IMSS). AIL and IMSS import, market and distribute Maserati and Ferrari cars on an exclusive basis and provide servicing and spare parts in the Hong Kong and Macau Special Administrative Regions of the People’s Republic of China.


“Greater China is now the second most important market for Ferrari in the world.” said Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa and no doubt with the increasing wealth in China, Luxury cars are on the top of the buy list.

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