BCDI – Getting back to business this week.

With a short week last week and many traders off for the holidays, trading was relatively quiet all around – this also opened up to some solid opportunities to load on some very cheap prices. BCDI is starting the week with a rare opportunity to get in extremely low and definitely undervalued. With Zacks initial conservative near term target of $0.95 and our $1.40 target – members are looking at a low risk 100%-200% gainer from here – and this is just a start.

The art of profits are made through the movement from weak impatient hands to patient investors

For those who missed out last week, missed some significant updates from the company that put BCDI on the global map with solid revenues and world wide exposure.

Shorts were in no doubt also taking advantage of the short holiday week and pull as many tricks as they can – don’t fall for these short MM tricks and use this to your advantage.

Over 2 Million in short volume looking to cover by month’s end

Shorts will be looking to cover their large short position hard over the next few weeks and with over 2 Million shares short, that’s a lot of ground to cover and can push this well over $1 with this just alone – just imagine if we get some monster news- we will be looking at an epic short squeeze in the making.

We believe in BCDI 100% and we are confident that BCDI is heading to the big boards – this will definitely add significant shareholders value and squash the shorts for sure!




Fundamentally BCDI is getting stronger by the day with some big names starting to follow and cover BCDI – we expect many institution are looking very closely with each development.

Polar Wireless (BCDI) Battles Roaming Charges

ZACKS initiates coverage on Polar Wireless (BCDI)


Dodging Big Smartphone Rates Abroad


Don’t ignore SIM cards.

You can get the savings of a SIM card and keep your own number. Once you get a prepaid SIM card before your trip, find out the new phone number. Then program your original phone to forward all calls to the new number, allowing you to get all of your normal calls.

Watch those rates.

In areas such as Europe or Southeast Asia, where one can quickly cross over from one country to another, it’s important to know what the different charges are in each nation. For example, the AT&T roaming rate for calls in Finland is $1.39 a minute, while calls in neighboring Russia cost $4.99 a minute.”




New Answer to the High Cost of Mobile Roaming Charges

“…Polar Wireless has been on the march, expanding services through new Call and Data Centers to serve customers in the Middle East, Europe and North America, having announced a string of deals to expand its market reach, the most recent coming Wednesday morning, April 20, 2011 when BCDI announced that it had completed the migration of its Global Data Center to the Bell Canada Data Center, a world class SAS70 and CICA5900 installation, which offered Polar Wireless a more robust, reliable network.”

For those still on the sidelines waiting for an opportunity to jump in, now is a prime time to do so – BCDI looks to have confirmed a double bottom bounce and fundamentally, BCDI is in a much better position that when it was trading over $1 just a couple of months ago.

Double Bottom
What Does It Mean?
What Does Double Bottom Mean?
A charting pattern used in technical analysis. It describes the drop of a stock (or index), a rebound, another drop to the same (or similar) level as the original drop, and finally another rebound (surpassing historic highs).


Investopedia Says
Investopedia explains Double Bottom
The double bottom looks like the letter “W”. The twice touched low is considered a support level.


About Polar Wireless

The Company is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that works in conjunction with established major mobile service providers. The Company’s mobile solution will significantly reduce mobile roaming charges.  It is operable in 213 countries through partner networks. This provides the first global network solution for mobile users to dramatically reduce roaming surcharges while allowing users to maintain their current home number, handset and carrier relationship.

Visit their website at to see their revolutionary product!
 your trading connection and remember to always do your own research, use stop loss orders to protect yourself, and book your profits when in a position to do so.

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