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Our Picks in 2014 could have turn $1K into over $500K!

Members following our recent picks could have now turned $1,000 into over $500,000 this year alone!!!!

Just check out our recent XTREME gainer plays


DPLY – Deploy Technologies, Inc – Super low Floater to lick your lips to!



Ticker: DPLY – $0.13


Are you ready for a SUPER low floater play?


Are You Ready for tomorrow?! We are Stoked!

Let’s get the party started early, we have been working feverish over the past few weeks to bring a MONSTER list of winners and we are kicking off with an XTREME play tomorrow at 9:30am! Don’t miss this one!


Get ready for our New XTREME alert Thursday at 9:30am!

Yes, we have been a bit quiet lately, but working hard behind the scenes to start getting back to the basis and what XTREMEPICKS is all about.

We have brought HUGE plays both long term and momentum plays, and we are getting ready to unleash more plays to get our members to bank some serious gains.


NEIK – Special Update this weekend you don’t want to miss

When it comes to mergers and joint ventures, we are definitely King – for those who have been with us from the beginning, you know what we are talking about. For other who are new to XTREME plays, you will definitely find out soon enough.



NEIK – On XTREME ALERT, Reverse merger play making moves

Remember this one a few months ago? We alerted our members at $0.0055 of a potential reverse merger play. NEIK also confirmed that they are in a JV process with NorthstarSealand Ltd.

 NEIK: Northstar Electronics Ltd. partners with Sealand Aviation Ltd. to form NorthstarSealand Ltd. – a new joint venture in aviation manufacturing

We have recently joined with Sealand Aviation Ltd. to create an exciting new joint venture in aviation manufacturing – NorthstarSealand Ltd. (NSL). Both corporations have many years of experience in working with certified commercial aircraft and government military contracts.


We have been watching the company very closely and we recently been seeing some interesting moves lately.

We expect to get a key update very soon that will definitely get the stock moving fast and furious.

Right now NEIK is trading at only $0.0135, when news hits, this can easy be a 500%+ gainer play in the near term!

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New XTREME CORE Alert with a twist…Tomorrow 9:30am!

Our new CORE alert tomorrow is coming with a twist…Duel Listed with the Canadian Exchange.

Recently the Canadian Dollar has depreciated (about 20%) in just a few months, this duel listed play will definitely make it much cheaper for our American Friends to buy the stock on the Canadian Exchange with the potential to also capture  FX gains.

What’s great is that you can buy on either exchange with the same impact although the Canadian Exchange is definitely more liquid for this Canadian Company!


NVIV – Remember this play? Now going Nasdaq!

Ticker: NVIV

Alert Price: $0.60

Last Price: $2.98 (+400%)

Remember this XTREME CORE play we alerted to our members