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    EKNL – Research report now available!

    Read the report by Direct Global Media just out – this is definitely setting up for a MAJOR breakout rally week ahead!

    Get the Report here!

    EKNL is just starting out here, especially with Direct Global Media re-initiating coverage. No doubt we have seen the impact DGM has especially our monster winner DROP which soared from $0.0015 to $1.25 (83,000% gains) hitting DGM’s price targets bang on!


EKNL – Watch for our special Report his weekend!

Investors definitely want to stay tuned for our weekend special report and especially the detailed report from Direct Global Media which re-initiated coverage this week – next week will be insane.

Direct Global Media Re-Initiates Coverage on EKO International (EKNL)

EKNL continues to hold strong to over 100% gains since our $0.07 alert this week, and technicals are pointing to a strong bullish trend where we can see historic levels of $0.80 be surpassed!


EKNL – Key Monster News just unleashed this morning!

EKNL just broke it’s silence and unleashed a monster update this morning definitely kick-starting the company in high gear!

EKO International Corp. – Change in Directors

This is key showing that EKNL has been hard at work in the background and we suspect HUGE deals are being made and we will know soon enough.

The Company further announces the appointment of Joshua Capogna as Director effective October 13th, 2013 and the resignation of Rocco DiBenedetto as Director and Officer effective January 1st, 2014.


EKNL – Hammering down a Solid Green day!

After yesterday’s Record breaking session closing up 128.4% on 3.2 Million shares, EKNL rallied to another higher close up 9.44% to $0.175 today showing the strength of bullish longs looking for much higher levels.

Smart buyers even picked up super bargain shares on today’s lows!

Technical traders are especially bullish with today’s “Hammer” candlestick formation showing a bullish break out week ahead.


EKNL – Xtreme breakout run, and it’s just the beginning!


EKO International Corp.

Ticker: EKNL

Close: $0.1599 (+128.43%)

Wow what a wicked day on our first day of our CORE alert with EKNL jumping to an intraday high of $0.2279 up 226% on record volumes of 3.2 Million shares traded!


EKNL (EKO International) – Medical Company Seeking Growth through Acquisitions


EKO International Corp.

Ticker: EKNL

Last Close: $0.07

EKNL is just about to go insane again!!!

The last time we profiled EKNL, prices soared from $0.04 to $0.80 (1,900%) in a month! It looks like EKNL is setting up for another XTREME rally and we definitely aiming to exceed these levels!

News was just unleashed by Direct Global Media which has re-initiating coverage – we definitely anticipate significant updates to follow


It’s almost here, our XTREME CORE Alert just hours away!

Get ready, it’s just about to get insane with our XTREME “CORE” play on Monday April 14th right at 9:30am.

Our CORE plays have always been HUGE winners for our members with 1,000%+ average gains and we feature them for weeks!


BWMG 486% momentum XTREME winner, but our CORE alert will be even more XTREME

That was some wicked fun today with BWMG jumping as high as $0.0586 up 486% from today’s alert price with intra days swings of over 100% – WOW.

Check out this breakout chart

But, it’s just about to get insane with our XTREME “CORE” play on Monday April 14th right at 9:30am.


BWMG (Brownie’s Marine Group) – Today’s XTREME momentum alert

After a long winter, Spring is finally here and summer not too far away, that means water activities is on everyone’s mind and BWMG should definitely be on your mind and radar today!

BWMG recent consolidation at super bargain levels is set up perfectly for a major bounce.

Check out the BWMG’s chart here